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Welcome to Wine Barrel Creations, the home of quality wine barrel furniture and articles.

Wine Barrel Creations is situated at Mthimkhulu Village in Kleinmond in the Western Cape.

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Our core business is manufacture of furniture from used wine barrels. One may ask whether it is not easier to just use new timber. Of course it is, but to illustrate our philosophy, just outside our village there is an oak tree next to the R44 with a notice board nailed to the trunk. Originally the R44 would have passed through this more than a 100 year old oak tree, but local residents thought it important enough to save it and approached the contractors. The Contracting Firm Savage and Lovemore obliged and rerouted the R44.

Likewise at Wine Barrel Creations we feel that we are contributing to saving a magnificent oak tree somewhere in the world from being felled by re-working wine barrels.

Using oak barrels obviously give us some unique challenges as the staves are bent and the dimensions differ. . We try, far as possible, to incorporate the elegant curves of the barrels into our designs. It is always rewarding to see a design take shape and result in a product that is not only functional, but also attractive.We try to minimise waste and use as much of the barrel as possible. We even package the shavings and off cuts for smoking food.

It is our intention to expand our production using other recyclable material. In the not too distant future we will launch products under the MOON range (Much Out Of Nothing).

We are proud of our work. We hope you like our products. We will soon have a show room and if you pass through Kleinmond, please visit us.

Being Part of the Solution

We also feel that being situated at Mthimkulu Village gives us the opportunity to contribute to the important work that is being done at the Village. We are currently in the process of expanding our core business with the view of creating job opportunities as well as assisting selected locals to create their own micro enterprises.

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